SUBSONICS: Self-titled: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Here it is! Proof that one of the greatest rock’n’roll bands of the last thirty-five years sprung pretty much fully-formed, Athena-like, from the Zeus-ian noggin of Lou Reed during the murky period of musical desperation known as the late ’80s/early ’90s. Criminally unavailable on wax for the entirety of their existence, Slovenly Recordings has righted a terrible wrong and pressed the first two Subsonics long players in stately black vinyl for the world to enjoy. The self-titled LP from 1992 contains all the hallmarks of the musical style Subsonics have continued to hone and refine to this day: propulsive, shambolic drumming; effortless, wild guitar solos delivered with nonchalance; darkly humorous lyrics; a Velvets-meets-Voidoids-meets-Cramps approach to songwriting; and oodles and oodles of attitude. Clay Reed was seemingly born with the uncanny ability to turn the unseemly details of society’s dark underbelly into rock’n’roll gold. Buffi Aguero’s drumming style was as recognizable as Meg White’s or John Bonham’s from day one. It’s mind boggling to hear that they were this good from the get go. Subsonics hold a place in the pantheon of underground rock’n’rollers that came up during that era along with The Gories, Cheater Slicks, and The Mummies. Grab this and any other Subsonics records on sight. Highest possible recommendation. –Josh Benke (Slovenly,

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