SUBSONICS: Flesh Colored Paint: CD

May 23, 2018

You know, Subsonics are a band that I should already know and love, but truthfully, I’ve always passed them by. No excuses, really. Too many bands and so little time, I suppose. But they’ve been kickin’ it for likely twenty years now, since I recall them playing here in Ottawa in (at least) the early two thousands, if not the late ‘90s, not to mention flipping through their records in stores, which were always on labels I love dearly (Get Hip, Lance Rock, and of course, the almighty Slovenly). Flesh Colored Paint isn’t far off from what I expected… bluesy, low-key garage, full of keys and dual vox for an added touch. I feel pretty silly for overlooking them all these years. They’d pair well with (and I’d recommend this to fans of) Chain And The Gang/Weird War or even something like Speedball Baby/Heavy Trash. I’ll be spinning this for a while. Music isn’t dead yet, I don’t think. –Steve Adamyk (Slovenly,