SUBJUNCTIVES, THE: Sunshine and Rainbows: CD

Dec 06, 2019

I can never discuss The Subjunctives without mentioning Sicko. That is due to the presence of Ean Hernandez who features in both bands. Yes, The Subjunctives do sound a bit like Sicko at times, as the songs are perky and upbeat. However, the bands that more frequently come to mind when listening to this are Hüsker Dü, Stiff Little Fingers, and 39 Smooth-era Green Day which ensures that Sunshine and Rainbows is not a Sicko-sounding album. There are no duds here and the lyrical content is as absorbing as the musical offerings with tracks like “The Fastbacks Are the Greatest Band in History, So Fuck YOU” succinctly highlighting Hernandez’s love of that band. My highlight, though, is “Hey Dad” with its simple refrain “Hey Dad, where’s Mom? She’s gone dancing again,” and excellent three-part harmonies. A couple of these songs have previously featured on an E.P. but they are great to hear again and deserve to be included amongst the sixteen tracks. Get on board The Subjunctives train. –Rich Cocksedge (Top Drawer,