SUBHUMANS: Crisis Point: LP

Dec 06, 2019

The Subhumans have been punk longer than me, you, or most people any of us know. Dick Lucas is a punk rock lifer and has toured the world over in—not only Subhumans but also in Citizen Fish and Culture Shock—and doesn’t appear to plan on quitting anytime soon. Crisis Point is eleven brand new tracks of the punk and ska you have come to know and love from the masters. It can be argued that these songs don’t hold a candle to The Day the Country Died or From the Cradle to the Grave but the only people saying stupid shit like that are people who checked out of punk long ago. There’s a reason the Subhumans are still doing it not for the money after all these years and this record is further proof that they are still pissed, still care about causes worth caring about, and will keep doing us true believers proud. Included with this record is a fold-out stencil of the band’s name to fulfill all your vandalism needs. I love this album and will always love the Subhumans. –Juan Espinosa (Pirates Press,