SUBDUDE #1 & #2, $3, trade or $5 for both, 4 ¼” x 5 ½”, copied, 24 and 36 pgs.,

Sep 20, 2017

The author of this zine considers his general mental state to be subdued. His zine title comes from an unintentional homophone that happened as a result of his dyslexia. It’s a perfect title, accurately describing the writer and the tone of his zine: thoughtful, reflective, with a bit of melancholy, yet never navel-gazing to the point of alienating the reader. Issue #1 deals with the wishy-washiness of people when you ask them to do something and the, “Oh yeah, let’s meet up sometime” thing people will say and not really mean. I know when people say this they are often being polite, but aren’t really committal. The author makes a good case that it often has to do with the modern world and the constant bombardment of choices. He thinks people don’t really commit because it might be the less fun choice. We want to keep our options open as long as we can. He encourages more honesty in commitments and more contentment in sticking to the ones you made. Issue #2 is about how his grandmother got him a knockoff, cheapo, imitation Masters of the Universe toy, how it was always out of place and he never knew what to do with it. He then uses it as a metaphor for himself, how being gay made him feel like an outsider as a kid. There’s also stuff on getting over not-knowing-how/asking-for-help-shame to learn simple bike fixes. There’s some book and music lists to pad things out. Both these zines are short and I think they would work better combined into a single issue, allowing the reader a fuller look at who Mick is. Just an aesthetic preference, not a critique. Get both of them! –Craven Rock (Mick, 1901 E Sunset Dr., Bellingham, WA 98226, [email protected])