SUB K AND THE SAVAGE: Coffin Jukebox: CD

Aug 23, 2016

These eclectic covers seem to have been percolating inside The Destructors vocalist Allen Adams for some time. When it became clear his bandmates would never be as interested in them as he was, he struck off on his own and—with the aid of Tom Savage—created Coffin Jukebox, a collection of sixteen songs that he calls “a musical journey of my life.” Traversing terrain ranging from garage to glam to goth to indie, the record is slickly produced both sonically and aesthetically, including twenty-eight pages of full-color liner notes overflowing with back story and original artwork. While every song on the record has been tenderly chopped and screwed, whether these covers are worthwhile tributes to—or even improvements on—the originals will ultimately be up to the listener’s individual taste. For my money, Sub K And The Savage’s take on Devo’s plea for Jimmy Carter to “Whip It” stands out as especially successful, while their choice to revive Slade’s ode to gas lighting, date rape, and terrible spelling, “Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me,” is even less excusable than the original was in 1973. If nothing else, Coffin Jukebox is clearly a labor of love from Adams, an echo of your own favorite high school mixtape that served as a soundtrack to your life… just with more creative control and a much higher budget. –Kelley O’Death (Rowdy Farrago)