STYMIE: Condescending World: LP

Aug 02, 2017

Fuck yes! Stymie has been one of the best pop punk bands in Texas for over a decade, and this recording has been around for something like eight or nine years now without a proper vinyl release… until now. Imagine if Screeching Weasel weren’t completely ignorant assholes (I know, that’s a stretch). Then, sprinkle a layer of lo-fi garage rock-esque snotty attitude over it all. Now, put this band in a packed house show in Denton, Texas where the temperature is 110 degrees and everyone is jumping around, shoulder to shoulder, having the best times of their lives. That’s exactly what Stymie sounds like to me. I’m so glad that this was finally released on vinyl, because it’s a goddamned classic. –Mark Twistworthy (Rabid Dog, [email protected])