STUPORHERO, $10 with album, 5½” x 8½”, 48 pgs.

May 23, 2018

Stuporhero is a Seattle rock group. They blend Lookout Records jangle guitars with Brian Eno (if he were a smoker) wavy, pop vocals washing over the whole thing. It’s good. Anyhow, this is their zine: an artsy lyric booklet of sorts that’s meant to be read with the album. And because I like Crimpshrine, I can deal with a busy, artsy album insert like this. What else is inside? Apart from learning the words to Stuporhero songs, you might dig Stuporhero the zine if you enjoy (a) coloring books, (b) lists of optional band names, or (c) collage art. It’s neat for fans and probably was a lot of fun for the band to craft, too, but let’s be real—if you’re at the airport, and security says you’ve got to choose before takeoff, it’s this zine or Fifty Shades Freed, well, you’ll know what to do. –Jim Joyce (