STUPID DAIKINI, THE: Everything Is Fine: LP

May 23, 2018

This band is a mix bag of many awesome things. They’ve got the shoegaze element in that they fuzz out their guitars. There’s ukulele throughout the whole record which adds an uncommon melody and brightens up each song. And then there are the vocals—Melissa hits high registers while also rounding out a sultry, bluesy sound that somehow has room for some serious attitude. With lyrics like theirs, they just wouldn’t work unless there was a dose of sneering anger injected in the mix. Especially on “GFY” (Go Fuck Yourself). It’s possible I’ve never heard a sweeter background song while the lyrics—”I hope you fucking suffer / Go away / You’re a dick and I hate you”—are beautifully belted out. And for a band named after a throwaway line in Willow, it’s nice to see another ‘80s fantasy film (The Neverending Story) written about in “Rock Biter.” I have to say that the saccharine songs are a complete juxtaposition to the last two tracks on the record which are heavily focused on murder—one of an ex, and one of a lover and his/her mistress. While it catches the attention of the listener, I don’t know that murder ballads are what I was looking for in The Stupid Daikini. Whatever helps exorcise the demons, I suppose! –Kayla Greet (It’s Alive!)