Stuff of Horror Movies, The , Vol. 4, By Gabe Edwards

Sep 29, 2020

The absolutely essential guide to incidental objects found in horror movies! Each page represents a different horror movie and is filled with full color illustrations of objects that piqued Edwards’s interest. The end goal is being to document 666 films; this volume contains #111 through #148. Honestly, I’m only familiar with about twelve of these movies, but I thoroughly enjoyed every page. You start to notice the common elements that were chosen to draw. Was there an axe in the movie? It definitely gets drawn. A bottle of hard liquor? That’s getting drawn. Wait, there was a classic sky blue My War T-shirt in Us? I don’t remember it but it’s on the page so it must have been in the movie. Equally interesting are the objects that are chosen to fill up the between space, the Scrabble tiles, marbles, bullets, or ants (Hereditary). You’ll never look at an Oh Henry! bar (Hocus Pocus) the same way again. –Daryl (Gabe Edwards, 1 E. Julian St. #117, San Jose, CA 95112)