STREET DEED #3, $?, 8½” x 11”, 64pgs.

Dec 10, 2019

Street Deed is one of those zines that catalogs a scene you didn’t even know existed. #3 is the first bilingual edition of what seems to be Bulgaria’s premiere punk fanzine—the upside of this is that I can read half of it, the downside being that I can’t read the other half. It seems to have some reach. They interview not just Bulgarian bands—and it’s a nice look into the way European bands interact with each other; some banter about each other’s countries—but an ultimate camaraderie between punks. It does feel a bit stuck in the street punk phase of American/U.K. punk, with a focus on not only that genre but that era, as well, but then again, so are some Americans! Great interviews with bands from across Europe, interesting piece on the Dead Boys, and hand-cut-and-pasted with a tremendous amount of dedication for sixty-four pages. –jimmy cooper ([email protected])