STOP TALKING!: Consequences Can Be a M.F.: LP

Sep 22, 2022

One of my favorite albums of 2022, this new LP from Stop Talking! is a throwback to the peak Confederacy of Scum years of the 1990s. Stylistically similar to Cocknoose or Limecell, it’s a harsh, brash, fast-paced foray into tough, tongue-in-cheek grime punk. Outstandingly gravelly vocals that are simultaneously evocative and unforgiving are the high point of this North Carolina band’s sound. Tight musicianship sometimes detracts from rawness, but that’s not the case here, with astute performers maintaining their fierceness. Hell, it’s not just one of the finest albums of its type this year. Instead, it’s one of this subgenre’s best of the current millennium so far. –Art Ettinger (Scat Boy, [email protected])

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