STOOLS, THE / TOEHEADS: Watch It Die: Split LP

Mar 10, 2023

Are The Stools rock’n’roll or hardcore punk? Fuck if I know. But I do know this stuff rips. They mix hard-driving rock’n’roll with some blues influences and head-crushing hardcore punk. “Strong Street Stranglehold” is a sonic mangler, then they delve into some Gun Club-influenced sounds with “Harsh Green River,” setting you up for the band on the flip. Toehead blend The Gun Club with early hardcore punk and the results are epic. “Haista Vittu!” is as raging as it is catchy, and the vocals are on fire with that bellow. When they barrel into the scorching “Painkiller” and then in to “Water War,” it’s godhead. More of that please! All of you loud and fast fiends, seek this one out. –Matt Average (Drunken Sailor, [email protected],

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