STOOGES, THE: Live at Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970: LP

Sep 29, 2020

Given the question: How many times can you justify buying the same set of Stooges songs? I guess the answer from me is “at least one more,” because I found myself mechanically plunking down another twenty dollars for Live at Goose Lake. This set was recorded at a disastrous music festival in Michigan shortly after the recording of Fun House. The Goose Lake festival was so infused with extra bodies and bad drugs the promoter was eventually indicted over his incompetent handling of the situation. Much later a soundboard tape was discovered of The Stooges set and it serves as a document of this bit of rock history where everyone was wasted and freaking out. The set has moments of lost sound and moments of overdriven Asheton rising out of the great fire to deliver beautiful versions of the riffs you’ve come to love. I enjoy a good bootleg and a good story. The price for this record is reasonable, having been produced with tasteful packaging by a proper label. But you and I know this is a slab for the fogeys. I could have lived without it, but I’m glad I bought it. –Billups Allen (Third Man)

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