STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS: Property of Jesus Christ: LP

Mar 22, 2017

Stick Men With Ray Guns were an infamous Dallas punk band whose notoriety was founded on wild stage performances. Such antics were largely courtesy of lead singer Bobby Soxx, whose patently offensive lyrics, coupled with instigating fights with audiences and finding creative places for microphones, complemented the virulent, almost tribal dirges the rest of the band meted out. The band’s in fine, fucked up form on this live recording. Either a mediocre board tape or a really good audience recording, the band plows through a caustic set bookended by two of their best-known tracks—“Christian Rat Attack” and “Learn to Hate in the ‘80s”—with pretty much everything in between falling along the same lines, with Soxx peppering abuse and the band grinding effectively along, refuting their reputation of front-loading their sets with new songs they hadn’t yet practiced. Those not easily offended with a yen for Texas punk history will find this of particular interest. –Jimmy Alvarado (12XU)