Sep 22, 2023

I’m usually not all that into live albums that are sourced from multiple locations or nights (e.g, the Jam’s Dig the New Breed); to me that eliminates the whole “you were there, sorta” vibe that occasionally makes live records special. This cassette is compiled from performances spread across five different cities, three different countries, and two different hemispheres—yet, I kinda like it just because it’s fascinating to me that the Steve Adamyk Band sounds so goddamn good that most of their live recordings sound better than most other people’s studio recordings. Do Canadians just excel at merging power pop with punk, or is that the only time I pay attention? Oh well, I don’t imagine this would be anyone’s entry point into the Steve-O-Verse, but if you were gonna buy one cassette this month, you could do a lot worse than this one. BEST SONG: “Die Dead Forever.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Speed It Up.” It takes the drummer off the hook! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This cassette comes in a housing the color of melted silver Crayolas. –Rev. Nørb (Primitive Screwhead)

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