Nov 23, 2016

This is the first time I’ve heard the Steve Adamyk Band, even though the prolific songwriter has previously released four LPs and a handful of 7”s since 2010. Where he finds the time, I have no idea. Hailing from Ottawa, this fuzzy power pop outfit also touts members of Sonic Avenues, while Colleen Green and Mike Krol lend their voices to a smattering of songs. The choruses are well-studied, as if written under the tutelage of pop punk professors. They are simply so refined that you question their originality: “This has to be a cover, right? It’s too good! How can this not be a cover?” Besides the speedy vocal delivery, the real highlight is David Forcier’s keys (especially on “Give It Away” and “Carry On”), which add depth to and relief from the relentless down-picked power chords. The Steve Adamyk Band are definitely in the same league as Red Dons and Marked Men, and if you’re like me, consider yourself lucky to be a first-time listener. –Sean Arenas (Dirtnap,