STEPHEN: Radar of Small Dogs: LP

Jan 21, 2022

Where to begin with this reissued Stephen collection? There’s the jangly, wistful pop feeling, what one might remember of the rural/suburban late ’80s and early ’90s if one was lucky enough to be there. Stephen was a short-lived project featuring The Clean’s David Kilgour, and like The Clean, there’s a combination of simple lyrics and uncluttered pop rock music, post-punk, and miniature psychedelia, seemingly low-stakes moves that turn into wide open vistas before you know it. You can feel the breeze and smell the flowers, hear the guitars chime, hear a guy sing “And I don’t know why” and “Just thinking about you.” There’s a quote I read lately that I don’t totally remember but it was something like, “The more specific the experience, the harder it is to communicate.” Something about the relationship between fine details and haze. I don’t know; this record is a dream. You should get it. –Matt Werts (Yellow Electric,

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