STEP FORWARD: Demos 1989-1990: LP

Jul 20, 2021

Twenty-one fast and fun songs by Dennis from Refused’s high school straight edge band. As far as late-’80s HC goes, Step Forward were on the faster side of things with tuneful vocals, like 7 Seconds with a Life’s Blood crunch and a couple of Minor Threat covers in the mix. This is a nicely done reissue. The recording is good for thirty-year-old demos, and the booklet includes flyers, original demo art, a band bio by Dennis, and plenty of cool old photos of the band with clunky skateboards and T-shirts from the youth crew usual suspects. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s still ’80s HC comfort food that got my kid air-drumming with two mini cucumbers and oughta please anyone who loves Refused or hardcore history. –Chris Terry (Refuse)

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