STATESIDE: It’s What We Do: 12” EP

Jan 24, 2024

Five songs on the first side, a shiny side of blackness on the other. I could see myself getting caught up in the infectious grooves from this band in a live setting. It took some time for me to get used to the melodic vocals being stacked up against some less-than-melodic backing vocals. I know this is nothing new. Only Crime used to implement this method, along with many other bands. But I believe melody wins here. I especially like the idea of throwing “Wharf St. Part Two” into the middle of the sequencing of the five songs. The lyrics are handwritten on the insert. The handwriting is fine, it’s just small. These kids look like they’re having fun so who am I to rain on their parade? Keep doing what you’re doing. ­­–Sean Koepenick (New Mortality,

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