STATE DRUGS: Takings & Leavings: LP

Dec 06, 2019

I swear on Douglas Hopkins’ grave that this is a compliment: State Drugs are The Gin Blossoms for the beanie ‘n’ beard set. This record feels like that first Fall night, with great hooks and melodies, heartland wistfulness, and a singer who sounds like he just gave up fighting and resigned himself to heartbreak. This is all bolstered by chugging Hot Water Music-type emo punk with twinges of Chamberlain for all of the ’90s heads who didn’t run away screaming as soon as “Hey Jealousy” popped into their heads. “Let’s get as crazy as I feel tonight. I want to drink and drown and die outside. Let’s keep on wasting all my god-damned time. It’s all I have and all that’s ever mine.” This is perfect now that the weather’s cooling down a bit. –Chris Terry (Toxic Pop)