STATE DRUGS: College Radio: CD

Nov 26, 2018

Damn. Lyrically, these songs are pretty bleak. They’re introspective, confused, sad, and somewhat lost emotionally, yet still romantic, nostalgic, and earnest. It feels like the most dangerous of tightrope walking: these three tracks are possibly the catalyst for inspiration and kicking yourself into gear, or they could just as easily make you more depressed and likely to stay in bed. All I’m saying is to check in with yourself before you listen to intensely honest music like this. Sonically, the songs are so great. There’s this beautiful gated reverb on the drums that plants one foot firmly in the ’80s. I can hear the ‘90s in their vocals, which are a little Gin Blossomy and not in a bad way. They drive it home with awesome guitar distortion and layered melodies. My favorite thing on this EP is the ending of “Fractured Hearts.” Just when you think it’s over, they swing back in with a gorgeous refrain. Leans a bit more towards indie rock than punk, but I really like it. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)