STAR PARTY: Meadow Flower: LP

May 24, 2022

Pretty good indie punk pop that reminds me of La Sera, Sea Pony, and somewhat early My Bloody Valentine (if only for the layer of feedback that hangs over the songs), along with what was happening in the early ’90s. Ian from Combat Knife, and Vexx is the songwriter behind this duo, so it’s interesting to listen to these lyrics and know they could have easily been sung by a hardcore punk band (on a side note, “You and Me,” “Living a Lie,” and “No Excuse” are essentially hardcore songs, just played ever so slightly differently). But presented in a pop mode they take on a different tone. Presentation is everything. The title track drifts off into dream pop with lush guitars, and Carrie Brennan’s voice really comes to the fore in this one. The closer, “A Trip Home” wraps everything up nicely with a feedback-drenched sound and a mid-pace gait. I’m hoping there’s more to come because they have something really interesting happening here. –Matt Average (Feel It,

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