STAGES IN FAITH: "Same Craic” b/w “Floodlights” : 7”

May 20, 2019

Occasionally, a band turns up where every old fucker you’ve known for decades keeps telling you about. As soon as I heard Stages In Faith’s demo, I knew they were something really special. This, their second single, was released by Clint who hasn’t put a record out on over ten years and is known for his taste and voracious record collecting. SIF rip the heart out of the late-’80s DC sound before it went too soft: Embrace, Rites Of Spring, and inject some of the speed of West Coast band of old Verbal Assault and Reason To Believe. It’s an almost perfect stew of those sounds, the passion, off-kilter guitars, and power. Let’s not forget this lot is from London and so there’s a wee dash of Englishness they can’t hide. ’Tis is one of my records of 2019 so far. Dig around and you’ll find, as I’m sure Clint doesn’t have a bloody website. Wonderful! –Tim Brooks (Shortfuse, no address listed)