ST. PLASTER: Self-titled: LP

May 20, 2019

Not sure what you can believe on the internet these days, but if the band’s own posts are not in jest, this is St. Plaster’s first album and will be followed by the outfit calling it a day in October. I must admit that this is a new one on me but c’est la vie. In the studio St. Plaster is a two piece and it does a good job of knocking out punk rock that is big on the influences of Bad Religion and Unwritten Law. The good thing is that there’s a fresh-sounding quality to the whole package and I’ve found myself thoroughly enjoying most of this, with the exception being a few tracks which are way too poppy for my liking. Whether it’s deliberate or not, there is a track called “Seriously, Fuck the Modern Man,” which continues the Bad Religion link and it’s pretty good too. On the whole, a decent album. –Rich Cocksedge (White Russian, [email protected], / Bearded Punk, [email protected],