SSD: The Kids Will Have Their Say: LP

Mar 19, 2024

The Kids Will Have Their Say was remastered by Dave Gardner from the original analog tapes, and was restored by Dan Johnson from Audio Archiving Services. Bryan Ray Turcotte recreated the packaging to match the original XClaim version. So now, after over forty years—yowza, forty years—here is what’s considered the first straight edge album. Only nineteen hundred copies of it were ever pressed. It was never officially repressed until now, so now we get to hear a cleaned-up version of this amazing album. If you haven’t heard this album before, be prepared for a blistering collection of tracks that influenced a ton of bands and people that wish they could be as good as this. The songs blow past with lightning speed and sound better than ever. This is an essential release that you need to own to experience a time when bands were trying new things that set up the bands you listen to today. –Rick Ecker (Trust,

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