May 23, 2018

Helmed by Razorcake contributor Kevin Dunn, The Sriracha-chas are mid tempo punk with gruff vocals and creative time signatures. Some of their songs are goofy jams like “Barbed Wire,” wherein they sing about the sharp fence toppers in their underpants. The very next track comes out swinging with a raucous riff, screeches almost to a stop in the verses, and then picks up the prior momentum when launching into the chorus screaming, “Gotta turn it up / ‘Cus I’m older than punk.” My favorite song title is “Patriarchy Is for Dicks.” It’s so simple, cheeky, and quite literal. I suppose that same sentiment could apply to the overall lyrical content of the whole disc. These guys manage to pack sixteen tracks into only thirty-nine minutes, which is surprising especially since many of the songs slow down considerably in the middle. Their stuff is stripped down slow grooves, yet also high energy and dancey. Great Minutemen-like tunes that’d be great for a summer road trip with the windows down and the stereo cranked. –Kayla Greet (Girth)