SQUISHERS: Too Damn Careless: LP

Mar 20, 2018

Rymodee’s voice is immediately recognizable here, even as my experience with This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb consists of a single basement show and a few 7”s. Still, nostalgia can be suffocating, and Squishers are a new beast and more than hold their own here. With Too Damn Careless, they’ve crafted a full length of sturdy, earnest, heartfelt songs, and gems like “Filthy Clean Future” and “Triple Threat” strut and holler with a yearning that’s both immediately familiar and timeless. There are still threads of folk punk running through this, but it mostly falls under that larger and simpler umbrella of protest music, in the way that the personal is the political, and how the quiet moments in a life inform us as much as the loud, brash ones. I wonder if a lot of people are gonna be turned off by the band name and the cover art, but if they make it past that, they’re in for something special. Like I said, Squishers is a new band, but in the same way that San Francisco stalwart Shotwell does, they really embody the scrappiness and long-running resilience of punk. Nice job. –Keith Rosson (Squishfund)