SPOOKY, THE: Horror Punk: LP

Sep 22, 2022

The Spooky serve up another album and the title and the label succinctly sum up what you’re getting for your buck here. The tunes themselves are more modern Orange County than 1981 New Jersey, a definite positive selling point (look, I love the Misfits as much as the next horror kid, but at this point do we really need yet another twenty-third-generation devil-locked Xerox clone band whoahing their way to infamy? Even Danzig knew to draw influence from more than just Elvis), with a rock/punk sonic sensibility that bridges the gap between The Berzerkers and Sloppy Seconds. I can easily envision a number of the tunes here getting lots of radio play. Lyrically, there’s a plethora of ghosts, zombies, space aliens, killers, and assorted monster movie-cribbed titles—dude, go back and look at the album title again—to whet the appetites of discerning skeleton-gloved ghouls. Solid, consistent, entertaining, and another winner. –Jimmy Alvarado (Hostage)