Sponsor a Space

We currently find ourselves at a crossroads where quality independent publishing is more important than ever, yet distribution is at an all time low.

Consumer confidence is verging on consumer cockiness, yet independent zines and labels are shutting down left and right due to lack of support.

We know there are people out there who would totally appreciate Razorcake but don’t know it exists. There are also spaces (such as: bars, community centers, music venues, record stores, book stores, breweries, recording studios, punk houses, tattoo and pizza parlors, pretty much any independent enterprise) that would be interested in receiving copies to give out to their customers.

Here’s where we need people to come in.

Please consider sponsoring a space by covering the cost of us printing/shipping magazines to be given away for free. Often times, the people that need Razorcake most don’t have access to it. Let’s work together and help make the voices we want to be heard louder.

A $150 donation will sponsor a space to receive 25 copies of every issue for an entire year. This $150 is tax-deductible.

If you would like to sponsor a space or get a bundle of 25 copies that you give out to whomever you wish, we’ll send them directly to you. But even if you don’t know of a space or getting 25 copies of an issue is too much for you to give away, we’ll find it on our end, then tell you who we’re sending them to. If you know anyone who this might apply to—hit them up and promote Razorcake to them.

If you wish to pay by check  or money order:
Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042

Further questions: razorcake.org/contact

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