SPOKENEST: Gone Gone Gone: LP

Aug 23, 2016

Gone Gone Gone is the first full length from L.A. two-piece Spokenest. I was so fucking excited to get this in the mail that my shaky hand slipped when I saw the screen printed insert, scratching the marble LP’s surface (and causing a mini nerd meltdown) before ever touching my turntable. Despite a few extra crackles and pops on side A, the record still sounds great. Imagine if early Descendents and Grass Widow met up in some cramped basement space in North L.A. to craft a record that was tough and delicate, letting angst and shimmer grapple it out—smart, sweaty, scrappy, and urgent. Spokenest is serving those vibes. Definitely both late ‘70s L.A. punk and pop punk influences heavily peering through, with co-ed vocals that sound classic and new. Frenetic but driving guitar with that rad tone you can pretty much only get by being punk playing out of a keyboard amp for at least a year of your life, not giving any fucks about posturing. Drums are tight and exciting. I can’t believe Adrian can carry vocal melodies while hammering out fast sixteenth stroke notes flawlessly—it’s not a studio trick, I’ve seen it, scouts honor! No overproduction bananas here, just straightforward melodic punk carried by intentional songwriting and performance. –Candace Hansen (Self-released in US, spokenest.org / Available through Drunken Sailor in Europe)

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