SPOILERS: Roundabouts: LP/CD

Nov 26, 2018

If I were able to harness the energy emitting from my speakers whilst the debut album from Spoilers was playing, then I am sure I would be able to provide power to a small village in my homeland of Wales for a month. Roundabouts contains a dozen songs, all fizzing with melodicism and maintaining a relentless drive throughout. It’s a credit to everything Spoilers has done, for the main comparison that comes to my mind being Snuff, even down to the use of a Hammond organ to add some beautiful depth to the tracks. Top notch melodic punk. –Rich Cocksedge (Little Rocket, littlerocketrecords.com / SBAM, [email protected], cargocollective.com/sbam/sbam-records / Brassneck, brassneckrecords.bigcartel.com / Boss Tuneage, [email protected], bosstuneage.bigcartel.com)


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