SPOILERS: Recently Re-Released: CD

Sep 17, 2018

U.K. pop punkers Spoilers’ Recently Re-Released does exactly what the title suggests: collects previously released songs. If you already own the Stay Afloat EP, their split 7” with The No Marks, or the Lost Your Way acoustic EP, there’s no reason to double-dip with this CD (unless you want everything in one place). There isn’t much for me in this collection; I simply can’t endorse anthemic pop punk in the vein of early Sum 41. The acoustic songs are especially cringe-inducing. When the gang vocals kicked in on the closing ballad “Punks Don’t Die”—the chorus being, you guessed it, “punks don’t die!”—I nearly lost my mind. So as to retain my sanity, I’m going to keep this CD very, very far away. –Sean Arenas (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.bigcartel.com)