SPLIT DISTRICT: Invitation to Exile: LP

May 24, 2022

Here’s a rare non sequitur: punk rock outta Sheboygan, Wis. Oddly enough, there’s a lot to live up to in Sheboygan, what with the large-looming shadows of The Leg Hounds and The Jetty Boys, two fantastic bands from the ’00s and ’10s, respectively. Split District veer away from the punk rock’n’roll/power pop of their local brethren in favor of a more ’90s streetpunk kinda thing. While this isn’t gonna top my list today, it definitely brings me back to the feeling of that time period—a very good set of memories from a punk who came of age in the late-’90s San Francisco streetpunk scene. It’s a good wheelhouse to be in, so I hope this band hones their songwriting chops and vocal delivery into something I’d want to visit Sheboygan for—along with the brats, obviously. –Chad Williams (Rocket Vault, splitdistrict.bandcamp.com)