SPITBOY: Body of Work (1990-1995): 2 x LP

Sep 16, 2021

Spitboy has always been an important band for me. They were interviewed in the first issue of Maximum Rock’n’roll I ever bought, and they played the one time I went to Gilman Street. What struck me about the band was their urgency and their delivery: I loved Adrienne Droogas’s and Michelle Cruz Gonzales’s outspoken lyrics on gender roles, toxic masculinity, sexism, and more. Her vocals nestled into the crannies between Karin Gembus’s unique guitar chug swarm and the rhythm section anchored by Michelle Cruz Gonzales’s ferocious drums; a distinct and unique full-band delivery. Here we are, thirty years later, and Spitboy’s songs and message remain vital and timeless. Don Giovanni has given the band a full retrospective reissue, including the band’s two 7”s, comp tracks, full length and (legendary) split with Los Crudos. Gorgeous packaging and lyric sheets. Spitboy hasn’t lost an ounce of their urgency. This reissue will give the world a chance to hear them, whether again or for the first time. Crucial. –Michael T. Fournier (Don Giovanni)

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