SPIT-TAKE: Frog Rock: LP

Mar 20, 2018

Spit-Take does something really neat with a style that’s hard to get really right. Frog Rock undeniably invites comparison to the classics of college indie rock (read: Superchunk and Archers Of Loaf), and to the hyper-earnest energy of powerpop punk bands like Delay, but I don’t know if I’d say Spit-Take really sounds like any of those bands. Most of the songs are short, hanging in the air just long enough to give a glimpse of a hook before moving on to the next one. The band seems just as comfortable turning out moody jams like “Stars Don’t” as banging through bouncy rock tunes like “Chapel St” and “Awful Long.” The best tracks do a little of both—“Ear” is an instant heartbreaker. Seriously, the songwriting on this record rules. Somehow so many of the melodies feel unexpected but comfortingly familiar. I was already feeling nostalgic for this album the first time I listened to it. –Indiana Laub (Ice Age, theiceageiscoming.net, [email protected] / Cat Dead Details Later, catdead.storenvy.com / One Percent Press, onepercentpress.tumblr.com / Shitty Present, [email protected], theshittypresent.tumblr.com)