SPIT PINK: Night of the Lizard: LP

Aug 23, 2016

Yikes! There’s nothing gutsy about Spit Pink’s brand of “punk.” Night of the Lizard is silly and sarcastic at best, and at worst it’s jockish and downright offensive. Here’s a smidgen of “Jenny & Jim:” “Oh that girl is a guy / you fell in love with her / and you don’t know why / …now you’re wearing your high heels and a sequin dress / you always thought being gay was sick / and now her pubes tickle your chin while you suck her dick.” Although Spit Pink’s sound is a throwback to ‘70s-era Stooges, they didn’t need to appropriate outdated meatheadedness as well. –Sean Arenas (Wanda, mailorder.wandarecords.de)

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