Apr 08, 2019

Subtitled “4 NEW SONGS 2 COVERS AND 2 EP’S,” this album and band intrigue me somewhat simply because they manage to remind me at times of Fugazi, the Talking Heads, and Gang Of Four, and yet I still like them. They sorta sound like what I imagine you’d get if the aforementioned bands lived in The Vats in San Francisco and mated with Flipper and then the offspring of this union decided they didn’t want to be quite so fucking indulgent and annoying as their parents. These tunes are sledgehammer mutterings of demi-cryptic alienation and paranoia. And that’s the best kind of alienation and paranoia there is! BEST SONG: “Wrecking Crew.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Northern Soul Search.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The lyric sheet uses all capital letters and no apostrophes. –Rev. Nørb (Deranged)