SPIKE PIT: Bastard of No Future: LP

Mar 15, 2022

Third long player from these Cleveland thrashers. Total late-’80s crossover worship having more in common with later DRI, SOD, COC, Boneless Ones, RKL, et cetera than the slickness of, say, Municipal Waste. Fast metallic riffage but the vocals and production keep both feet in the hardcore camp. The whole aesthetic has a teenage—almost high school—vibe with the hand-scrawled lyrics and simplistic wording. The craziest thing about the record is the cover art, again looking like something drawn on a school folder. It’s a winged devil with a giant penis chopping off someone’s head with a chainsaw whilst standing on a bed of skulls and fallen buildings. This is totally the shit we were doing in the ’80s. I for one am juiced to be nearly fifty and still getting a real kick out of shit like this. Ruling! –Tim Brooks (Big Spike Says Fuck You)

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