SPIDDER #21, $7 shipped, 5½” x 8 ½”, b&w, 32 pgs.

Mar 10, 2023

Written by Jamie and Katie Barrier of the Pine Hill Haints, this was a very satisfying read. I haven’t read any prior issues of Spidder, but this one included two interviews and one comic. The interview with Serious Sam Barrett was the highlight for me. Serious Sam Barrett is a skateboarder and folk singer, and the interview covers a lot of ground, from the intersection of folk and skateboarding, to what it means to play the same kind of music your parents did (particularly relevant to me as a hardcore frontman whose dad also plays in punk bands), and the role of (European) folklore in folk music. Also I’m listening to Barrett’s music for the first time as I write this review, figuring I better get a taste before talking up an interview with him, and it’s exactly as solid as advertised with a barrage of influences from throughout folk history working together superbly. I can see why they chose to interview him! I have but one critique, however: if you are going to handwrite your zine, you have got to use a pen that photocopies well. There are tons of cheap options with dark, consistently clean ink available. (I often buy Sharpie brand pens for three bucks at Dollar General that work well, but to be honest, Microns or similar are worth springing for anyhow.) Or just do a test copy and play with the exposure ’til it comes out dark enough—if you’re gonna put in the work to write about something you care about, I want to be able to read it! –jimmy cooper (arkamrecords.squarespace.com/blog)

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