SPIDDER #20, $?, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 30 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

The band The Pine Hill Haints have toured Ireland many times, and over the course of time have collected ghost stories, haunting tales, and legends. In this issue of Spidder, we’re introduced to them. “The Legend of the Hellfire Club” is one such ghost story that is known by so many Irish that there are slightly different versions included in this zine. Short stories of card games with men who have hoofed feet, eerie meetings in lighthouses, and a cave of cats to name a few. Also included is a separate mini-zine in full color (featuring the story of the cave of cats). Perfect mix of spooky legends and illustrations of cat people to set the mood. –Tricia Ramos (Spidder, 1207 N. Wood Ave., Florence, AL 35630, [email protected])