SPICE: “A Better Treatment” b/w “Everyone Gets In”: 7”

Jan 21, 2022

Ross Farrar of Ceremony is back with his band that sounds a lot like Ceremony but with a violin and no hardcore history. Picking up where Spice left off on their debut LP, the music on “A Better Treatment” is moody and slightly dark. Farrar’s poetic lyrics are abstract. The second track, “Everyone Gets In” reminds me of some old Modest Mouse without Isaac Brock’s awkward vocals. The song starts slow and eventually works its way into a good gait. Neither track strikes me as hard as anything on the LP and there aren’t really any hooks but, structurally, the songs are good. I dunno. I feel like I need some kind of sign-off for when a release isn’t bad but also doesn’t have anything great about it. Insert emoji of man shrugging shoulders here. –Kurt Morris (daisrecords.com)

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