I back your label if you name it King Pizza, have a rad label symbol, and a cool “let’s party and get arty” label manifesto. I back Garbage Brain as a fun echo- and fuzz-drenched two-songed side of a split cassette (think Rip Off and Burger babies). I simply can’t back your choice to name your band Spewing Cum. I’m no prude, but when there are mysterious and sometimes “edgy” other hardcore outfits (like Cülo, the Spits), not to mention Dwarves, wearing a panty on your head and baiting the listener with a name or songs that are propped up by shock and not chops, thanks, but nah. I’m not writing off Garbage Brain or King Pizza by association, but I’ll be ignoring SC. Save it for the GG fans. –Matt Seward (King Pizza, kingpizzarecords.com)