SPERMBIRDS: Go to Hell Then Turn Left: LP/CD

Dec 06, 2019

I remember buying the first Spermbirds album as if it was yesterday. I know where from (Rockaway Records, Newport), what day of the week it was (Saturday) and that I went off to watch Newport RFC play rugby after the purchase. Once I finally played the album, it blew me away. Shifting on many years and here’s another Spermbirds album, but this time received in the post. It might not have the same impact as Something to Prove but it still managed to provide more than enough quality punk rock to make this a strong release. It’s less of the crazy skate punk the band was known for last century and more of a varied approach which touches on garage punk at times, as well as some moments when a bit more speed is applied to songs. I’ve missed a few of their releases in recent years but Go to Hell Then Turn Left has rekindled my interest in the band. I will definitely pick up the records I’m missing. –Rich Cocksedge (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.com)