SPELLS: Loose Change Vol. 1: LP

Sep 17, 2018

This is a collection of never-before-released early tracks by a band I had never heard of before. Some hits and some misses, as comes with that territory. At its best, this is grade-A snotty, anthemic pop punk. A whole lot of Avail and Hot Water Music (and so on, and so on…) influence going on here, along with some strikingly recognizable Menzingers moments. A weirder and stompier Murder City Devils sound breaks through sometimes, sort of out of nowhere. As for the misses… they’re fine? Gruff punk doesn’t often do it for me anymore, but SPELLS tries so many variations on a style that some of them are bound to work. There’s also a band theme song in here, so that’s a plus, I think. –Indiana Laub (Snappy Little Numbers, [email protected], snappylittlenumbers.blogspot.com / Anxious And Angry,