SPELLS / HOOPER: Rock N Roll Swap Meet: Day 1: 7”

Jan 05, 2022

Spells has been one of my favorite bands since discovering them on their split with Hooper a few years ago. For Rock N Roll Swap Meet: Day 1, the two Denver bands again team up. As the name of the record implies, there’s a swap happening, with the two bands playing a cover of each other’s songs, including new material each band wrote for the other to perform. It’s a neat concept that I think more bands who want to collaborate on a split release should give a try. Spells have lost none of their magic over the years. The endless praise I’ve heaped on them still holds true. I’m still not crazy about Hooper, though this is probably the most enjoyable of any of their recordings. They just don’t have the same energy level of Spells, even when covering them. –Paul J. Comeau (Snappy Little Numbers, snappylittlenumbers.blogspot.com)