Sep 26, 2019

Well, I’ve just learned never to judge a cassette by its cover. While it looks to me like someone slopped the album art together using Microsoft Paint circa ’98, I love everything else about Pink Tape. This album by lo-fi garage outfit Speed Babes is satiating my hunger for the perfect crunchy summer tunes. True to their name, each song on this nine-track cassette (plus two more with the download code) hovers around ninety seconds. Plus, I appreciate they recorded all the songs on an iPhone via the Garageband app. That takes balls. Speed Babes sort of sounds to me like a lighter version of Bass Drum Of Death, but far less contrived. So thank you, Speed Babes, for a most excellent listen. –Simone Carter (What’s For Breakfast?, [email protected], wfbrecords.com)