Nov 26, 2018

July is the seventh in a monthly cassingle series from Reflective Tapes. I think that’s a pretty cool idea. Getting a special tape every month sounds dope. It’s also ambitious as hell. They market the release for fans of Springsteen and Shellshag. I can definitely pick up the Boss’s influence, especially on “What I Wanna Du,” and of course the song “We Could Cover Springsteen.” The second track, “Chili Dishin’” is an instrumental. I think I like the intentions behind this release more than the songs themselves. They’re just a little sloppy and not in a way that’s endearing to me. However, there are elements that I really enjoy such as the gated snare in “Don’t Care,” the vocal distortion, and the bass sound throughout the release. Overall, not really my thing, but I could see it being someone else’s, for sure. –Kayla Greet (Reflective Tapes)