SPAZZ: La Revancha: CD

Jan 30, 2019

La Revancha was originally released in 1997 on Sound Pollution, but fell out of print, which I find amazing considering how much Spazz is looked up to in the powerviolence scene. Granted, that’s not a huge scene, but I still thought it would’ve stayed in print. And yet here we are. There’s nothing different about this version that I can tell, although I’m also not much of a Spazz fan. I have nothing against the band, but they just never did a lot for me. This is primarily because when there are three vocalists, there’s bound to be one I’m not going to like. And while I don’t know who screams what, one of the vocalists is just the stereotypical Cookie Monster vocals. At the time it probably wasn’t so weird, but in hindsight it seems passé. Perhaps this is one of those things that is due to twenty years of distance, but the corny aspects—putting in a banjo or saxophone and clips from movies—don’t age well. They take away from what could be a pretty powerful album. That said, there’s some great music on here and I can see why so many bands draw inspiration from Spazz. “Swampfoot” has a sweet groove going toward the end. And despite the saxophone, the guitar on “Sweet Home Alabama” is tight. That’s the kind of stuff I want to hear more of. I suppose fans of Spazz already have this and for those who want to know their powerviolence history, you should get this. I’m just not quite there, though. –Kurt Morris (Tankcrimes,