SPAZZ: Deported Live Gorilla: CD

Aug 02, 2017

The second in a trilogy of Spazz CD reissues, Deported Live Gorilla is a collection of songs from their splits with Subversion (released in Australia on Deported Records) and Romantic Gorilla (released by Sound Pollution USA) as well as a live-on-the-radio set from 1996 in its entirety, including songs that would wind up on Slap A Ham’s “celebrity split 7” series” with Jimmie Walker (yes, JJ Evans from Good Times). The songs from both splits are Spazz in their mid-period glory where Max’s drum fills were getting tighter, Chris’s bass slinkier, and Dan’s atonal guitar riffs were what I can only describe as muddy (not a diss, by the way: it just sounds so earth-moving and I can’t describe it any other way!). Between the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it powerviolence blasts, the kung fu movie samples, and the sludgy opuses “Donut Hole Gremlins” and “Total Meathead Fuck,” I find myself banging along on my car’s steering wheel and laughing my ass off at the dialogue from the restaurant scene in the film A Better Tomorrow 2 (“if you have any dignity, apologize to the rice right now!”) The radio show tracks are the cherry on top showcasing the band at peak performance. Even Chris has to remark “That was incredible! We should just break up now. We’re not going to get any better!” As if. Make sure and send boxes of chocolates to Scotty from Tankcrimes for keeping the memory of Spazz alive to thrill new fans and to reacquaint us old heads. –Juan Espinosa (Tankcrimes)